Tie-Feng Jiang Bio

Jiang Tie-Feng, Chinese (1938 - )

Chinese Artist Jiang Tie-Feng was born in 1938,in Ningbo, Zhejiiang Province, in China. Even as a child he displayed a great love and talent for painting and drawing, and early on he knew the course his life would take.

A colorist, Jiang's intention was to reverse the trend of the stale Chinese tradition of painting in gray, black, and white. Jiang says: "Chinese art had reached a sick level due to its lack of color."Jiang's colors are of unsurpassed richness.

Jiang Tie-Feng is a storyteller. His paintings are steeped in Buddhist and Chinese mythology. Each figure has a symbolic meaning. The paintings have so much complexity and visual fascination that the viewer is constantly seeing something new. Jiang says "For every picture there is a story, and for every story there is a picture."

Jiang's vision has continued to grow and expand. Probably because of his personal experience in two cultures he has increasingly seen the world as a single system, as a meeting place of diverse forces. The founder of the Yunan School of Art, Jiang Tie-Feng is clearly the leading exponent of art in China today.


"Calla Lilies" Serigraph by Tie-Feng Jiang

Title: "Calla Lilies" 1987

Medium: Serigraph

Unframed Size: 32" x 32" | 81 x 81 cm

Retail Price: $8,250.00 - Unframed

Asking Price: $1,500.00 - Framed

"The Empress" 1992 Serigraph on Heavy Hand Deckled Paper  by Jiang Tie-Feng

Title: "The Empress" 1992

Medium: Serigraph on Heavy Hand-Deckled Paper

Unframed Size: Sheet size: 40" x 27"

Retail Price: $5,000.00

Asking Price: $2,200.00

"Springtime" Serigraph by Tie-Feng Jiang

Title: "Springtime" 1987

Medium: Serigraph

Unframed Size: 33" x 33"

Retail Price: $7,500.00 - Unframed

Asking Price: $1,500.00 - Framed

"Emerald Lady" Deluxe Edition 23Kt Gold Bronze Sculpture by Jiang

Title: "Emerald Lady"

Sculpture Medium: Bronze with 23 Kt Gold Leaf

Dimensions: 16.5" x 29" x 10"

Retail Price: $25,000.00

Asking Price: $9,950.00